Parts, Belts, All That Stuff I Don't Have For DIY'ers
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It's been more than 30 years since the LAST 8 track player was offered in the 1990 Radio Shack catalog, and
it's been more than 50 years since the first 8 track was offered in a few 1965 Ford cars.  The aftermarket parts
landscape for 8 track players is as follows:  I'm pretty much "it", and all my parts are needed for repair jobs.


Parts sources I'm willing to share are below, and sorry - it's pretty dismal for the do-it-yourselfer.
BELT KITS and IDLER TIRES for cassette, reel to reel and turntables:   WJOE Radio
BELTS with a handy on-site cross reference to various models:
REEL TO REEL PINCH ROLLERS (rebuilt to original factory specs with NEW rubber):  Terry's Rubber Rollers
Belts - visit
RECHROMING of faceplates, knobs, etc.  Instrument Specialties
INSTRUMENT RESTORATION - clocks, speedometer, gauges, etc.  Instrument Specialties
NEEDLES and CARTRIDGES for turntables
CONNECTORS - No known source.  My original connectors are reserved for repair customers only
Radio Cosmetics - Dial Faces, Knobs, Bezels, etc.
YEAR ONE - dial faces and bezels, many different brands and models   Year One
DIAL FACES - repro pieces for sale and restoration available, mostly before 1950   SCOTT YOUNG
RECHROMING of faceplates, repainting of almost any front panel   Instrument Specialties
LA3160 preamp   utsource
TDA7560 quad power amp  eBay
Perfboard    Part#  2760328
Amplifier Repair Parts (Guitar amps)  Studio Sound Electronics

Barry's Personal Notebook of Commonly Used and Frequently Replaced Items

Weller 80 Watt Soldering Iron Replacement Tips - 3/8 diameter chisel tip
(Hey dipshit, watch the solder pot temps so you stop melting them!)

20 and 22 gauge solid wire, all colors - All Spectrum Electronics
Barry:  Sign in using AOL address and usual password
MOTORS - OEM no longer available, I must do the work to replace your motor
CONNECTORS - eBay, friends in classic car clubs, online classic car forums
(I can replace missing connectors on PAYING REPAIR OR CONVERSION JOBS ONLY)
NOTE:  Not having the round 4 or 5 pin connector for aftermarket units is VERY common and they're hard to find.
Send in your unit for service, and I replace the connector with color coded wires.  
Don't ask me which pins do what.
ANY purely cosmetic parts, including knobs - only known source is a similar unit.
EVERYTHING ELSE - Spend nights on Google until you give up, then call me for service
Note that I have new motors for nearly all 8 track units EXCEPT portables and some very thin aftermarket car units.
I have new motors for ALL ORIGINAL CLASSIC CAR 8T's FROM 1965-1980, also for the RCA AP-1 Car Record Player
As the 8 track format has been my chosen area of specialty since March of 1973 (despite its overshadowing by TV's
and VCR's in the 80's and a 5 year stint as a top level Avionics technician at a licensed FAA repair station from 2007
to June 2012), my duty to the classic car and 8 track communities is to procure every new 8 track part possible, in
order to meet the demands of a workload befitting a BBB Accredited business with a history of service excellence.

Save yourself some time and hassle - don't look for parts I've probably purchased the last of.  The chances of a
do-it-yourselfer repairing his own machine with EXACT SPEED, with parts currently available at the retail level,
are EXTREMELY slim - and that's another reason I don't sell any parts; it would invite tech support calls.

For those who might resent the fact that I won't sell parts, they were available to you before I found them.
My time, talents, parts and knowledge are already pre-booked by repair customers, all of whom pay in advance

I'm the guy who's BEEN making it happen, and I'm the guy who CAN.  The motor I use in more than 95% of all repairs
was NOT an 8 track motor until I added another 20 "things" to it - and it's been going strong more than a decade!
I cannot replace knobs or other
cosmetics on repair/conversion jobs - customer must supply any replacements.
Exception:  I fabricate replacement tuner pushbuttons that are commonly broken on certain Ford 8 track combo radios.