Call  928-533-9666 (Paying Repair Jobs ONLY)
Call  928-533-9666 (Paying Repair Jobs ONLY)
Paying - and WAITING - With Confidence



Whether you're a new customer needing a little reassurance, or whether your unit has been in my shop longer than planned
and you need a LOT of reassurance - you've come to the right page.   One thing that amuses me ALMOST as much as it
stresses me out is the fact that a clearly ESTIMATED turnaround time - made with 50 or more jobs in front of the one I'm
estimating - somehow turned into a perceived promise when a big car show looms dangerously close, or when a sudden
patch of nice cruising weather comes along.  People "need" their radios and call with an attitude if I fail to deliver "on time".

Then comes even more amusement - errr, I mean STRESS:  Next they start thinking I'm ripping them off, and I have to take
half a day off the bench to nurse their paranoia and explain the same thing over and over -  that THE INDUSTRY IS BUSY.
As of May 29, 2016 (time of this writing), a very prominent instrument restoration shop is announcing a lead time of 6 to 8
months, compared to 3 months near the end of 2015.   Since instrument restoration shares many tooling needs and is
often handled with the radio with most restorations, this also causes a sudden and unexpected rush in MY business.

Most customers "understandably wouldn't understand" what happens on a technician's bench when servicing
decades-old units - and the fact that when I'm cussing over a problem I thought was fixed two days ago is HARDLY the
time to go searching through 50+ units for a status report on a completely different job.   Thus, after more than 10 years
of dealing with constant and thought-destroying interruptions,  I have put an immediate and final stop to 3 specific things:

1.  Customers asking for status reports

2.  Customers asking for status reports

3.  Customers asking for status reports

In short, allowing customers to constantly interrupt my work and influence "which" jobs I do "when" was resulting in the
slow degradation of my sanity, a complete disruption of my efficiency and optimal work patterns.  That's bad enough -
and I'm putting a stop to it NOW before it starts to affect the EXTREME  QUALITY OF MY FANTASTIC WORKMANSHIP.

This will also take care of the "inexcusably stupid" situation in which the customer calls, calls, hounds me, begs,
makes threats, whatever - then calls complaining because in my haste I forgot to add the free AUX input.
New Policy Effective May 29, 2016
I will no longer provide even a ballpark estimate on turn times.  Instead, customers can track the progress of
their units through the shop from arrival to return shipment by clicking on the "Job Status" tab.   There you can
see - ROUGHLY - where your unit stands in line at any given time.   Jobs will be done in the sequence and
style which allow me to address every unit with the full kinetics of my proven outstanding  skills, patience,
craftsmanship, creativity, 100% strict adherence to the highest possible standards of quality (influenced
HEAVILY by my work within the FAA framework), and which allows me to keep up with a growing workload.

I am the expert, I am the business owner, and we will both suffer if the job is not done right.  It's time I insist
that what got me here is what will keep me here:  QUALITY.  I will no longer spend my bench time and destroy
my many necessary trains of thought to dole out ETA's, explain anything or get drawn into arguments.  The
challenges, limitations, effects of aging and parts availability issues make it HOPELESSLY IMPOSSIBLE
for anyone not doing this to know what it takes to do it IN VOLUME, and I MUST be left alone to do my job.
"B-But How Do I Know You're Not R-Ripping Me Off ?"
Are you saying you sent me your irreplaceable radio, then shortly afterwards, paid me hundreds of dollars over the phone - and
you're just NOW considering checking me out ?  And - you're asking ME ?  Please, spare me the headache on this one!

Guys, relax.   After more than 10 years as an honest online business, I have plenty of long-established relationships with many
long-established companies.   At least two of my competitors recommend my service on the HOME PAGE  of their websites -
not tucked back in a "Links" section somewhere.   You guys know I do FM conversions, so that must mean I hold a dealership
for Aurora Design products, yes?  That's an easy thing to check out, gentlemen.  Maybe AARI products too ?  Yes?

Sometimes a "box" style radio needs a replacement speaker - so maybe I'm in contact with Greg at SM Electro Tech ?  Hmmm ?

ALL 8 track players use belts - maybe I place frequent orders with Frank at Studio Sound Electronics ?  VERY easy to check.

On the front page of this website is a picture of me with Dan Steele, owner of Bob's Radio, visiting my shop.  There's really no
shortage of very well-known classic car radio related services with whom I do business and exchange referrals.  DO NOT
waste their time or interrupt their work with a phone call, but I'm sure they won't mind a quick E-mail.  If you look at the number
of restoration shops I work for (home page, right side), you might also consider the possibility that I'm constantly very busy ?

Do us both a huge favor:  Do a Google search on "8 track repair" and see who comes in at the very TOP of search results - that
is, number one.  Hey, it's ME!  Barry's 8 Track Repair is at the top, clear as day.   NO business who rips people off will EVER
reach the top of search results, or even the first PAGE of results.  Climbing to the top takes years, and crooked businesses
are reported and shut down long before they can achieve this level of popularity.  I've been at the
very top for at least 8 years.

ANY web traffic monitoring service such as  or  will show the date the website you're checking
out was created.  My business has been on the Internet for 10 years as of March 14, 2016.  This isn't some fly-by-night scam,
this is my livelihood - and anyone who bothers to check around will see that I'm very much in this for the long haul.

Oh yes, I'm BBB Accredited with an A+ rating too.  Please, check me out on your own and spare me the paranoia.  You have
the entire Internet right in front of you at this very moment - this is a great time to look up everything on me you possibly can.

My absolutely guaranteed ship date is after I'm 100% convinced that your machine will be reliable and you'll never need to
pull it from the dash again - PERIOD.   This applies to both your unit, and every other unit that arrived before yours.  This cannot
possibly be microencapsulated into a projected completion date, and I absolutely WILL NOT commit to deadlines of any kind.

For car restoration shops wishing that I remain "behind the scenes", please note that my policies should also be brought to
the attention of YOUR customer.  My policies are necessary and WILL NOT BE CHANGED for anyone or for any reason.
In short, my policies and practices are deliberately designed for LONG TERM RELIABILTY, with ZERO regard to speed.

Any customers desiring a quick turn at the expense of workmanship quality should  
PLEASE  take their business elsewhere.
If you would like to see official FAA documentation - proof of my already-present speed and efficiency, combined with a
warranty return rate nothing short of stunning on equipment that people's lives depend on 2 miles in the air - click  
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Free of filtered customer testimonials, every major claim I make is backed by traceable FAA documentation from
previous employment - some of which could land me in prison if it were falsified - or original U.S. Navy papers.

You will find any customer reviews
on the BBB website - not here where I can change anything I want.  Here, you
will find pictures of my workmanship instead of claims of how great it is - well, you'll probably find that too  :-)

Unfortunately I didn't retain any significant records before 1980 - but I think 35+ years of coverage should suffice
to anyone that suspects any possible wrongdoing on my part that my honesty and integrity go
wayyyyy back.

It's not a good time to start ripping people off, and I'm here to fix radios - not spend all day giving status reports.

PLEASE check me out through
third party resources only - and check me out VERY THOROUGHLY if in doubt.

Do not waste my time and affect my quality for other customers by bringing unfounded fears to
me - I'm at work !

Regardless of any other circumstances, I do not tolerate any pressure, verbal abuse, hounding or anything else
that ruins my day or affects the quality of my work for the vast majority of reasonable, understanding customers.
In my shop, long term reliability and quality will ALWAYS be placed before speed, and I will hang up on JERKS
who try to punish me for my insistence that EVERY JOB - not just yours - is given the BEST that I am capable of.

In light of the fact that my reputability can be verified simply by spending a little time on the Internet which you
have right in front of you at this very moment, even the slightest careless remark implying any wrongdoing on my
part will result in permanent dismissal as a customer and the immediate return of unrepaired units with a refund.
Reasonable customers who can abide by terms they've signed need not read this page further.  To customers who can't :