Sending in Your Job, Filling Out a Work Order
Please note that my work order contains a long list of terms and conditions designed to protect both of us.  Restoration
shops are busy and always in a hurry, making it even MORE important to have everything down in writing to prevent ANY
chance of misunderstandings, arguments or disagreements over who is in possession of what.

Just an example of potential trouble is when a customer sends in a radio, but forgets that his radio is missing one of the
outer knobs, etc.  When he receives his repaired radio and notices the outer knob missing, it's not unusual for that customer
to think he had all 4 knobs on the radio when it was sent to me.  Needless to say, this can result in arguments and the loss
of that customer - when it was actually his mistake in the first place.  This, I DO NOT ALLOW KNOBS TO BE INCLUDED.

Another example is the customer who sends in a radio, attached to half the dash or a large plastic bezel.  Large plastic
pieces that aren't needed to test and repair the radio are VERY likely to get broken in transit, and thus MUST NOT BE SENT.

Please click the link below to print and fill out a work order to include with your radio.  Feel free to call with
questions at 928-533-9666.
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