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Guaranteed Units For Sale
PLEASE NOTE that I don't normally sell complete units, and that the units on this
page are the ONLY units I have for sale.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL TO ASK IF I
HAVE ANY OTHER UNITS.  What I have on this page are the remaining assets
of a local shop whose estate I purchased upon the owner's passing.

If you're looking for a specific model not shown here, your best bet is to find it on
eBay and have it sent directly to me for repair or conversion.

All units on this page come with a full one year warranty.  To purchase a unit or
to ask questions about one, please call me at 928-533-9666.  
1966 Lincoln AM Radio (with possible options including FM,
Bluetooth, USB reader and/or External AUX input)
Serviced to excellent working condition.

Missing speaker connector, speakers
must be hard wired.


AM ONLY (original stock) ..... 249.00

With Stereo FM Conversion.... 449.00

Add Bluetooth for an additional 125.00

Add USB Reader for Additional 75.00

If purchasing unit with conversion, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery
Chrysler Late 60's Style AM-8 Track Radio WITH Stereo FM
Conversion and Optional Bluetooth and USB Features
This unit will have a BRAND NEW
adjustable-speed 8 track motor, my
special hand-built tape head preamp
for brighter sound, and will operate
up to 4 speakers.  Can be supplied
with the original connectors for
easy plug-and-play installation, OR
a new 12-wire harness which makes
the unit capable of delivering 180
watts total peak power.

549.00 including FM conversion

Bluetooth - add 125.00
USB Reader - add 75.00
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery
Delco T-400 8 Track Player for Oldsmobile
VERY NICE cosmetic condition.

Has all original connectors for the
original Oldsmobile system, OR
can be modified to work with ANY
converted or reproduction radio.

Same price either way - 445.00

Send in your radio for a modern
conversion and get 100.00 off
the total package price when you
purchase this 8 track player.  This
will give you the "Full Delco System
Conversion" available ONLY from
Barry's 8 Track Repair !
"Deluxe Eight" Player With Features Out the Wazoo



OUTPUT POWER (Requires an
ungrounded speaker system.


Low price due to rough cosmetics:

195.00, or 275.00 with power upgrade
and my special bright preamp.
Delco AM-FM Radio with Modern Conversion for High Power
AM-FM Radio (NO 8 Track)

This very popular basic design was used
in many cars for many years.  If your
car is equipped with the three stacked
connectors (Black, blue and white),
then the speaker system is already
fully isolated with no common ground.

Thus, it is only necessary to upgrade
your speakers to ones capable of
handling at least 30 watts RMS (or
60 watts "peak" depending on the rating
system used by the manufacturer).

No need to run new speaker wiring !

395.00 with high power conversion

To include Bluetooth, add 125.00
To include USB reader, add 75.00
Knobs shown are included for functionality only, and are not
guaranteed to be correct for your car OR the radio.
Rear mounted RCA jacks for AUX input added at no extra charge
Includes a set of knobs for functionality only - may not be correct for car or unit
Knobs shown are included for functionality only - not correct for car or unit
Delco AM-FM (Mono) Radio for 1975 Chevelle
Knobs shown included for functionality only - not correct for car or unit.
Rear mounted RCA jacks for AUX input will be added at no extra charge
AM-FM mono Radio, NO 8 Track

As an original radio, she is fully
serviced and ready to install.  Can
be converted to high-power stereo
if new speaker wiring is installed so
that each speaker has its own pair
of wires with NO common wires.

Original stock (AM-FM mono) 195.00

With modern conversion   395.00

Add Bluetooth - add 125.00
Add USB reader - add 75.00