Delco 8 track machines are sort of in a class of their own, with their
own unique set of failure trends and/or opportunity for upgrade.  As
many original parts for these are no longer available, some creative
invention has been necessary, requiring many hours of research and
dollars spent.  Our "mods" have proven to be successful over time.

Our flat rate pricing covers basic restoration only, and assumes that
certain parts are still intact and functional.  It does not cover or
include servicing or replacing a defective motor or the special
multi-pole rotary switch that is activated by inserting a tape.  It also
does not cover the installation of customer-supplied connectors.

The procedures below are sometimes necessary to repair the unit,
and can be installed as a reliability upgrade in a working unit.
Click on each link for more detail on a particular problem/upgrade.
Problem with Motor
Problem with connectors

SPECIAL:  Install ALL upgrades along with repairs - includes multi-
pole switch fix, board recapping, motor
service and retention lever fix!

Delco 2 knobber - $295
Delco 4 knobber - $365

Simply request the "all upgrades" package.  PLEASE NOTE that
I must have the make, year and model of your car with ALL Delco
8 track machines.  Well, let's just say it is extremely helpful ~~~

If motor must be replaced, an additional charge of $75 will apply.
This is
less than my cost to obtain a reliable replacement motor.
( Only about 9% of all Delco units have an unrepairable motor )

We apologize for the potential deviation from our normal flat rates;
it has become necessary due to the rising cost of purchasing units
for certain parts that are no longer available except from another unit.

Thus, please
do not send payment until a firm quote is given.  If
desired, the defective motor will be shipped back with your unit.
Special Internal Modifications to Replace Out-of-Production Parts
for Chevy, Oldsmobile, Buick and Pontiac 8 Track Machines
Classic Delco "2-knobber"
Classic Delco "4-knobber"
Manual E-mail address:
4783 N. Glenrosa Circle
Prescott Valley, AZ  86314

This is because Delco service literature often refers to the basic chassis, which frequently does not
take into account the hundreds of connector configurations, and whether the unit ties in with external
equipment such as MPX adaptors, vector heatsinks, etc.  We are forced to trace the wiring manually,
label all wires, and perform research well beyond the information contained in our service manuals.

As Delco service literature was so myriad and tends to contain errors, my most trusted source of
Delco service information is the notes I take myself on each individual model, which I then combine
with the service literature to finally end up with complete and accurate documentation.  This ongoing
research and necessary time spent, as well as the rising costs of purchasing complete units for
out-of-production parts, are reasons why my prices on Delco machines may appear quite expensive.
Problem with multi-pole switch
Problem with capacitors