Delco pushbutton Radio-8 Track combos

Probably the most common radio/8
track unit if you include its many
variations and derivatives.  We can
fully restore the radio and 8 track
sections to peak level performance.

Prices range from 249.00 to 395.00
depending on the unit's condition.
The classic automotive 8 Track players
The ancient DELCO 4-knobber,
8 track underdash (no radio).
Model # 6264547 and many others

This is the classic of all classics, and is unquestionably
the best 8 Track Player ever manufactured for cars.
With a huge, heavy motor and capstan, large flywheel and
double belt system for consistent speed, this is the
"Sherman Tank" of all car 8 track machines.

This unit always requires several hours of labor to restore
original factory performance, and can be expected to operate
like new for a good 15 years once professionally serviced.
The indicator lamps simply pull out from the top, and can be
replaced by the user with easily obtainable 12 volt lamps.

Flat rate to fully repair:  249.00 -  365.00
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Kraco, Craig, Audiovox, Sparkomatic and other relatively
"newer" model underdash units.

You can expect good performance from models
manufactured in the 70's and 80's after a few
hours of work in my shop.  These were added to cars by
do-it-yourselfers during the big 8 track craze, are built much
cheaper than the older models and typically weigh less than
3 pounds.
Despite their cheap designs, they generally sounded pretty
decent and are much easier to repair.  Their main drawback
is the small motors, belts and capstans, which usually result
in very slight speed variations with worn tapes.

Flat rate to fully repair:  $125 to $149
Delco 2-knobber

Simple operation with two inner and two outer knobs, the
classic 2-knobber shares the same rugged construction
and reliability as the 4-knobber above.  The left inner and
outer knobs are Volume and Tone respectively, with the
Balance control being the right inner knob.  The right outer
knob is a dummy knob for appearance and has no function.
This unit also uses two belts and a high quality motor.

Flat rate to fully repair: 295.00
(Does not include new motor)

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Same as above, with radio

These units share the same inexpensive construction as
the above unit, but are nevertheless very reliable machines
once restored to factory performance.  These machines often
don't have the torque to pull stubborn tapes, but this will
Virtually ALL 8 track tapes require a new foil splice and
pressure pad, and many will need to be played all the way
through several times to pack the tape evenly again.  This
will result in a tape that will play smoothly in any machine.

Flat rate to fully repair:  $175
(For work on 8 track section only)
Ford Motor Company (FoMoCo) as stock units in their many cars.
The FoMoCo units share the same high quality and rugged construction
as the Delco units, with similar measures required to fully repair them.

My Flat Rate Pricing applies to the general TYPE of unit, and does not
take into account the brand, or amount of work required to repair it.  My
Flat Rate Pricing makes it easier for both myself and the customer to
facilitate payment, and to get you back on the road for that Car Show.

As long as you live in the United States, my Flat Rate Pricing ALWAYS
includes return shipping to the customer.  I have found FedEx to be the
most reliable, careful and professional carrier; thus I generally use FedEx.

International customers:  Please inquire about shipping rates and methods.
There is a possibility that I may not be able to ship to your country,
depending upon many factors.  Please note that my responsibility ends
when I have proof of shipping in my records, or a customs form number.
NOTE:  By engaging our services, you are ALSO agreeing to our  TERMS AND CONDITIONS