Getting a new belt for your 8 Track or Cassette machine
For speedy response, selection and FANTASTIC customer service, the folks
at Studio Sound Electronics are a great consumer-level source for many belts.  

They stock a nice line of belts for 8 track machines, cassette decks, turntables,
VCR's and more.  They also carry pinch rollers, parts, service aids, repair and
cleaning supplies for a vast array of consumer and pro grade audio and video gear.

Studio Sound Electronics also carries parts for vintage tube guitar amps!

PLEASE NOTE that your unit may not run at the correct speed after replacing
the belt, as only a limited number of sizes remain in the market.  If you replace
the belt and need your unit adjusted to the correct speed, our full flat rates
will still apply due to the time it usually takes..  This is because almost all
8 track machines require full teardown and internal restoration to deliver proper
performance and remain reliable.  Our warranty return rate proves our quality!

Click on their logo to go directly to their site and order belts or parts:
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