Small Component Player
(NO recording function,
less than 10" square)
$ 149
Component Player w/Amplifier
(NO recording function)
$ 165 - 225
Recording Deck
(all brands except Akai, Wollensak)
$ 225 ($ 249 with new motor)
Wollensak 8000 Series -
$ 325 (includes NEW motor)
AM-FM Receiver w/8 Track
With OR without recording function,
cheaper brands with few controls
$ 195 ($ 225 with new motor)
AM-FM Receiver w/8 Track
With OR without recording function,
heavier units with many controls
$ 249  ($ 295 with new motor)

For safe transit in shipping, the
turntable must be removed
and sent separately.  This may
result in shipping costs being
more than the customer is
prepared to pay.  I am willing
to work on these models, but
it's best to E-mail me with model #
$ 275
Weltron Space Ball
Automatic Tape Changers
(most types)
E-mail with model for price
Portable 8 Track with radio
Portable, no Radio
DELCO T-200 Classic 4 Knob
$ 365 (Basic)
DELCO T-400 Classic 2 Knob
$ 295 (Basic)
Most brands  149.00
New motors NOT available
for this type of unit
Kraco, Sparkomatic, etc.  Includes
some later factory installs.
195.00 if radio is working

New motors NOT available
for this type of unit
DELCO Factory Radio - 8 track
Small unit shown - $ 349 (Basic)

1970 8 Track Radio - $ 449 (Basic)
(10 inches wide, Eject button)

Most other Delco 8 Track Radios
$ 395
Akai - Roberts

CR - 83   $ 225, or $ 249 if new motor is needed

CR-80, 81, GXR-82D, CR-80D-SS :

Depends on condition of head, motor and whether
the preamp chips are still functional.  Many parts
for these models are no longer available, and some
repairs require complete new preamp sections
composed of modern electronics.  E-mail with
symptoms at
Muntz 4 Track Player
new antenna !
Flat Rate Pricing Guide - Car Units
General Rates for HOME UNITS
FORD Radio - 8 Track
1966 and later AM-8T  $ 395
(includes NEW motor)

Ford Quadrasonic units -
$ 395 if amplifiers are okay
Digital models DISCONTINUED due
to parts availability, sorry
CHRYSLER Radio - 8 Track
$ 395 - 449 (includes NEW motor)
AMC Radio - 8 Track
395.00 (includes NEW motor)
Professional and Home Studio Equipment
Tascam / Fostex
4 Track or 8 Track Cassette
Recorders for Songwriting

Common failures include weak or
no rewind/fast forward, tape
spilling into unit, noisy controls,
speed variation and misalignment.

Depending on workload, I may
also accept multitrack reel to reels
for mechanical repair and service.

I do not perform work on any
USB or software based items
due to the low prices on new
equipment of this nature.

Call with symptoms for
a semi-firm price quote
I repair guitar amplifiers from
30 watts on up.  Small practice
amps are generally not worth
repairing due to labor cost.

Shown is my own stage amp,
into which I've built a rack mount
compressor and guitar tuner.

The compressor is wired only
to the clean channel, as the
distortion channels already
have plenty of compression.

I no longer offer my services
as a live sound engineer due
to my desire to perform all
services in my home shop.
I repair all types
and sizes of vintage
analog audio mixers.

Prices depend on
many factors including
weight, size, number
of channels and how
much work and parts
are required.

I do not perform
work on digital gear.
Please note that the Delco T200
and T400 CANNOT be used in
conjunction with a
or new reproduction radio until
they are converted to isolated
ground - same price as repair.
Most smaller radio-only units:
Repair: $ 195   Convert: $ 395
My shop is not set up for
"stock" repair on TUBE radios.
NOTE:  By engaging my services, you are also agreeing to my  TERMS AND CONDITIONS
REMOVE this panel
Send as shown
Send as shown
REMOVE this piece
Send as shown
Send as shown
Remove knobs
Remove brackets,
slide knobs
Click Here For My Phone Number
4783 N. Glenrosa Circle
Prescott Valley, AZ  86314

NOTE:  Models pictured are NOT items I have for sale -  illustrations are provided as an aid in identifying your type of unit for repair pricing.

On units containing a radio, customer MUST be willing to convert if  "stock repair"  is not a reliable option.  Many parts
are no longer available except from another decades-old unit, and this practice does not meet my quality standards.

I take tremendous pride in my long history of a less than 1% warranty return rate, and will turn down jobs as necessary to maintain that record.
Anyone can make wild claims, but I offer PROOF right here on the website.  To view my reviews and statistics from my last day job, click  

Conversion adds FM, much more audio power and DOES NOT CHANGE THE EXTERNAL APPEARANCE OF THE UNIT IN ANY  WAY.   In the
case of a TUBE radio, it will still take several seconds to "warm up" and produce sound for a completely authentic presentation at car shows !

Check out my YouTube videos to see your model's appearance and performance after conversion.  SEE it to prove that the
unit's external appearance does not change, and HEAR it using the finest audio recording system of ANY shop - click  
Does not include new motor
Remove and keep knobs
Coming in fall of 2017:  Increase your home unit's audio power !
Discontinued SOON - act now
Other than what can be done
using ordinary household
chemicals and fine steel wool,
my shop is not equipped for
extensive cosmetic work.  To
eliminate any chance of my
scratching a newly rechromed
piece, I ask the
customer to
send pieces for rechroming to

Please note that a motor can fail at any time, and their current proper operation
is shown on the demonstration DVD I include with all car units.  If an aftermarket
unit suffers from motor failure after repair OR CONVERSION, no compensation
is possible REGARDLESS of how soon it might fail after the job is returned.

There is NEVER any type of warranty on ANY original electronic parts.
Modern conversion using
only Aurora products is
ALWAYS the best choice
to ensure the highest in
long term reliability !
Please scroll
down for
home units
Please scroll
down for
home units
NOTE:  By engaging my services, you are also agreeing to my  TERMS AND CONDITIONS
Prices shown are for "stock repair" when practical.  For CONVERSION prices, click  HERE
Please note that return shipping is not always included in prices for home units depending on their size,
weight and your location.   When inquiring about a home unit, please include the brand, model number
and your location to receive an accurate price quote including return shipping.