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First Time Customers: Please Read This Entire Page BEFORE Calling Me at 928-533-9666
For FM Conversion, USB, MP3 and Bluetooth, see "Adding FM" tab at top of page
BBB Accredited Dealer for Aurora Design FM Conversion Products
With NO visible changes to your prized classic radio or combination radio/8 track, I can
turn it into a modern POWERHOUSE with all the modern features and conveniences, and
NO wires, pigtails, dongles or cigarette lighter plugs to get in the way.  Check this out:
amplifiers -
more than 10
times the
original power!
For Delco systems with a separate radio and 8 track player, Barry's 8 Track Repair is the
WORLD'S ONLY SHOP that offers
full conversion of the 8 track player also, giving your unit
the BRIGHTEST SOUND EVER to match the sound quality of your converted radio !
The world's most
8 track technician

Top Level
2 miles in the
air, it cannot,
ever fail !
amplifiers -
more than 10
times the
original power!
FM Conversion - Bluetooth - USB - Power Upgrades
On this type of radio, you can have
DOUBLE the number of FM station
presets - for more info click   
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New for 2018 - Automatic Station Scanning !
Check Out My Video of a Converted 8 Track Radio with Bluetooth and USB Features
Video of My Full Delco System Conversion
This Video Highlights My Extensive Pre-Shipment Testing
Processes, Including Four Channel Spectral Analysis
Great, I Want YOU to Service My Radio - How Do We Proceed ?
A brief phone call is welcome, but the number of available options is far too
great to discuss in depth while I'm working on a customer's unit.  Prices and
options are on the right side of this page above the band pictures, as well as
on the work order you will be printing and filling out to send with your radio.

Anything discussed on the phone is NOT an agreement.  When you print and
fill out a work order stating your options and preferences, THEN we have an
agreement once I collect payment.  
If you don't have it IN WRITING, I didn't say
it.  And if it's not on the work order, you didn't request it and it won't be done.
IN WRITING.  I do not
participate in "handshake" deals or gentlemen's agreements, as doing this
leaves too much room for misunderstandings and arguments later on.

Since most new customers ask the same questions, I do ask the customer to
first click on any of the flashing purple rectangles you see here BEFORE calling:

If you still have questions, of course you are welcome to call or E-mail me.
Please note that I don't do business or advertise locally, and thus do not
need to keep normal business hours.  I typically work in shifts between 24
and 36 hours, then sleep for 16 hours with zero regard to the time of day.
(You might notice that many of my videos are made in the middle of the night)

Once you have chosen your options and preferences, it's time to print and
fill out a work order.  To do that, simply click on any of the flashing GREEN
rectangles you see below - or to go straight to the work order, click  

MOST IMPORTANT !  You MUST pack your radio MY WAY to protect the long
and delicate control shafts.  Replacement controls are ONLY available from a
similar unit, and I don't buy entire units because of carelessness in packing.

BUSINESS AGAIN.  The customer must instinctively know that you can't just
throw a radio into a box with a few peanuts and expect it to arrive safely.

Why will I
permanently drop careless packers?  It is because if a warranty
issue should arise (extremely rare in my shop) and the radio needs to be
sent back, a broken control from careless packing at THIS point creates a
huge mess that I'm neither getting paid to deal with, nor am I WILLING to.

A radio, even as a core, is useless without controls.  Hundreds of radios
out there with broken controls DRIVE UP THE PRICES OF GOOD ONES!
I am extremely firm about this, yes - but don't get mad at ME - because
I'm speaking for the guy who just paid $1000 for a NONWORKING core.

Your radio MUST be packed EXACTLY as shown in this video:

Prices and Options
For CAR Units

Repair to Original Stock

Not always possible due to issues
concerning parts availability, long
term reliability and especially
- - - - FIRE SAFETY ! - - - -

Delco T-200 8 Track Player - 365.00

Delco T-400 8 Track Player - 295.00

Aftermarket 8 Track Player - 195.00

Aftermarket Combination Radio
with 8 Track - 249.00

Classic Combination 8 Track Radio

Classic AM Radio -
Conversion Only
(scroll down for conversions)

AM-FM Radio - Conversion Only

All Tube Radios - Conversion Only

Car Record Players - 395.00

Note:  "Classic" refers to Delco,
Ford, Mopar, AMC and other
units made FOR THAT CAR.
All others are considered as
"Aftermarket" in my shop.

Prices do not include return
shipping and assume the unit
is in reasonably serviceable
condition - NO BROKEN
Minor tuner
is included in my rates.

(Can be Done on ANY Radio)

Basic FM Conversion - adds FM
capability, free AUX input and
180 watts "peak" audio power

Radio-only unit - 395.00

Combination 8 Track Radio - 525.00

Add BLUETOOTH - add 125.00

Add USB Reader - add 75.00

AND BLUETOOTH - add 149.00

I add BLUETOOTH and USB at
For Prices to Repair HOME
Units, Please Click
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wishing I was on the bench
fixing customers' radios -

GUARANTEED 8 Track Units I Currently Have FOR SALE
Click on images for larger view
Panasonic Console With QUAD 8 Track and QUAD Aux Inputs
Beautiful cosmetic condition (not quite mint).  Shiny chrome.  Fully serviced with new belt,
resurfaced capstan, all controls and switches cleaned for reliable, noise-free operation.
8 TRACK SECTION IS TRUE QUADRAPHONIC and plays standard stereo tapes as well.
Has 4 channel AUX inputs, which can also be used to operate TWO stereo sources by
simply turning up only the front or rear volume controls (use front for one source and
rear for the other).  AUX inputs will work with CD or DVD audio, computer audio, MP3
players, smart phones with an audio output jack - or anything else with line level outputs.
Dust cover has much wear and scratches on top, but is seen mostly in bright lighting.

Full one year warranty (excludes phonograph needle breakage - replacement available
for 12.00 from  - their part number  632-D7)
Customer pays all shipping costs - past, present and future.

Watch a video of the unit in operation on all functions by clicking  
NOTE:  In the video I don't mention that the unit is for sale.  If I did, I would be getting calls
asking about the unit for the rest of my life!  More pictures of this unit are below:
Click on images for larger view
Price  295.00 + shipping
To calculate shipping cost, figure on a 35 pound package measuring 24 x 18 x 10 from zip code 86314
-------------   FOR SALE   -------------
Delco T-400 8 Track Player for OLDSMOBILE
(Click on image for super-size view)
Beautiful cosmetic shape, minor pitting on top.  I can wire this unit with original Oldsmobile connectors,
OR convert it for use with a modern reproduction radio such as those offered by Custom Autosound,
Antique Automobile Radio, etc.  Same price for either original configuration or modern conversion.
Since I have no way of knowing which configuration the buyer will select, there is no video on this one.

365.00 + 20.00 shipping to anywhere in the U.S.
Own it NOW by calling 928-533-9666 with your credit card !
Own it NOW by calling 928-533-9666 with your credit card !
Technics RS-858US QUAD Recording Deck
Click on image for super-size view
In beautiful cosmetic and fully operational condition, this machine has been my reference deck for making my own
test and alignment tapes.  With a lifetime supply of test tapes, I no longer need this excellent machine since I listen
to 8 tracks all day long when servicing customers' machines.  Many customers ask me which machines are the best
and safest investments, and this is the one I recommend when they're asking about a QUAD deck.
Here are more views from all angles - click on images to enlarge:
349.00 + shipping
Own it NOW by calling 928-533-9666 with your credit card
Realistic TR-169 Small Component Player
With a rear panel output level control and a tiny footprint, this is the perfect deck for transferring your 8 tracks to
computer files.  Many 8 track machines produce output levels a little too "hot" for a computer sound card, making
the output level control a very handy feature.  This deck is small enough to tuck just about anywhere.  This model
is so trouble-free that Radio Shack was still showing it in their 1990 catalog, long after everyone else had stopped
offering them.  See a video of this actual machine by clicking  
135.00, shipping INCLUDED
Own it NOW by calling 928-533-9666 with your credit card